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  •   Regular maintenance of main components: in order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor and the service life of the unit  1、 Regular maintenance and repair of main components: in order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor and the service life of the unit, a detailed maintenance plan sh···
  •   If the air compressor oil is deteriorated and replaced, it will accelerate the wear of parts, affect the service life and even cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is very important to check whether the lubricating oil is deteriorated and replace it in time.  Simple identification can be made by the following methods:  Oil flow observation···
  •   Five problems should be paid attention to before air compressor operation  1.Keep the lubricating oil in the oil pool within the scale range, and check that the oil quantity in the oiler is not lower than the scale line value before air compressor operation.  2. Check whether the moving parts are flexible, whether the connecting parts are···
  •   1. When installing the air compressor, a wide and well lit place shall be provided for operation and maintenance.  2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, with less dust. The air should be clean and well ventilated. It should be far away from inflammable and explosive, corrosive chemicals and harmful and unsafe articles. It shoul···
  •   What are the types of air compressors  Piston compressor  We are not new to providing pistons. The car engine also uses the piston movement. It also uses the reciprocating piston movement to compress the gas.  Slide compressor  Its main components are organism, rotor and slide. Because of its simple structure, manufacturing and maintenance ···
  •   When the oil separation core is damaged, the oil consumption of air compressor will be very serious, and there will be a large amount of oil in the air tank and pipeline. In serious cases, the air compressor oil will be discharged directly when the blowdown valve of the air storage tank is discharged.  The main causes of this failure are:···
  • Small air compressor in the middle of the oil consumption or easy to run oil, many appear in the maintenance of hundreds of hours, 1000 hours later. Why is that? The operating temperature of the machine in which this phenomenon occurs is usually not high, the oil separator has more water, and the oil separator filter paper is easy to be damaged if ···
  •   1、 In the same working environment comparison, through the oil mirror observation, to see whether the air compressor oil level has a significant drop. For example, if the oil level changes in front and back time under 7 bar load pressure, or if the oil level is different after 10 minutes of shutdown.  2、 Check whether the installation of ai···

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