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  The development of air compressor has a history of many years, but there are still many friends who don't know where the future air compressor opportunities will go. Here is a brief introduction about the development direction of air compressor.

  Commonly used gas compressors are centrifugal gas compressors and reciprocating gas compressors. Over the years, on the basis of introducing foreign technology, digesting, absorbing and independent development, China's compressor manufacturing industry has overcome many difficulties and made major breakthroughs. For example, the main fan and rich gas compressor for FCCU, circulating hydrogen compressor, new hydrogen compressor for hydrogenation unit, three compressors for ethylene and four compressor units for chemical fertilizer have been widely used in petrochemical production. Among them, the manufacturing technology of horizontal split centrifugal compressor and axial-flow compressor is close to or up to the advanced level of similar products in the world, and that of reciprocating piston compressor is up to the level of similar products in the world.

  Which industries need to use air compressors:

  There is no doubt that the air compressor has become one of the necessary equipment for industrial production and even people's daily life. According to incomplete statistics, we can see it at least in the following fields:

  1、 Agriculture:

  In the field of agriculture, people use air compressors to spray pesticides and pesticides, prune trees, smoke various agricultural products. Even forklifts used to harvest agricultural products need air compressors as power.

  2、 Food sector:

  In the food industry, air compressors are also needed in many places. For example, bottle washing machine, liquid mixing, liquid transmission, liquid tank truck unloading, bakery and candy factory, dairy products, milk transmission, food packaging, oil refining, meat packaging, sausage filling, wax food processing, etc.

  3、 Medical field:

  In the medical industry, people use air compressors to make drugs and provide oxygen for hospitals.

  4、 Daily life:

  In daily life, people also need to use air compressors, such as cars, refrigerators, air conditioners are installed with air compressors.

  5、 Laboratory:

  The laboratory usually needs to use silent oil-free air compressor to provide high quality compressed air for the experiment.

  5、 Other fields:

  The functions of air compressor in other fields are: Entertainment artificial snow, asphalt refining, automobile maintenance, automobile manufacturing, bridge building, cement manufacturing, chemical plant, clay and ceramics, concrete construction, project contracting, landscape lighting, blasting, power plant, foundation excavation, forging workshop, casting workshop, wood processing, water work, sheet metal space, mine, Monument and carving Stone, street lamp factory, paint factory, paper factory, printing factory, rubber factory, automobile repair station, drilling, textile factory, water treatment, wood processing, etc.

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