1. Environment and ventilation requirements

  1) Air compressor to produce a lot of heat, for this reason, screw air compressor must be placed in a room with enough ventilation.

  2) To facilitate maintenance, a space of 0.9m is required around the air compressor, and a clear space of 1.1m must be reserved in front of the control panel. It is recommended to leave a space of about 1.5m between the two units.

  3) Air cooled air compressor must use exhaust hood or air duct to guide the hot air out of the room, and prevent the hot air from being recycled and inhaled again. The cross section of air duct or hood shall be equal to or greater than the area of hot air outlet above the air compressor hood, otherwise it will affect the smooth discharge of hot air. The length of air duct or hood shall not exceed the additional head (6.3mm water column) allowed by exhaust fan.

  2. Foundation requirements

  The main engine of screw type air compressor is small in size, light in weight, and free from reciprocating inertia force and vibration, so the unit can be installed on any horizontal ground that can support its weight, without solid foundation and embedded anchor bolts. In order to avoid the transmission of resonance sound, it is recommended to pad a layer of hard rubber or cork under the unit.

  3. Technical quality and labor intensity of operators

  1) The operator shall have common sense and good working habits, air compressor operation and maintenance training, understand the startup and shutdown procedures, check all safety devices according to the procedures described in the operation and maintenance instructions, and carry out maintenance at the specified time to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

  2) Screw type air compressor is designed as automatic continuous operation unit, and no special person is required to be on duty.

  3) The PLC controller on the air compressor can set the remote start / stop function, so that the operator can control the start or stop of the machine from the control room far away.

  4) The PLC controller of screw air compressor can be connected to the remote computer through 485 interface to realize the computer remote interlock control.

  Air handling system

  Typical compressed air purification configuration:

  1 air compressor ② air storage tank ③ pre cleaner ④ dryer ⑤ high efficiency cleaner

  ⑥ Super efficient cleaner

  Precautions for installation of air compressor station:

  Ventilation - it is conducive to air intake and heat dissipation of the unit.

  Spacious - it is conducive to the layout of units and pipelines, and easy to operate and maintain.

  Installation foundation - the whole unit is installed, and the ground is flat and firm.

  Pipeline auxiliary equipment - horizontal, flat and vertical, just generous, excessively smooth.

  Power configuration - meet the requirements of the unit, and connect firmly and safely.

  Heat dissipation - exhaust fan and heat pipe shall be arranged reasonably to prevent high temperature in the machine room.

  Safety - keep away from inflammable, explosive and corrosive materials.

  Gas storage tank

  The type selection of air tank is mainly determined according to the air consumption of the system. Its functions are as follows:

  1. Heat dissipation. Large surface area and metal fabrication of air tanks, Make the high temperature gas produced by the air compressor radiate two kinds through the conducting buckle Effective heat dissipation and temperature reduction.

  2. Water and oil removal. The compressed gas enters the air storage tank, and the water vapor in the air condenses into droplets due to the decrease of temperature. In addition, the volume space suddenly increases, the air flow rate decreases, and the oil and water droplets with larger proportion sink to the bottom of the air tank by the action of gravity. At the same time, the gas in spiral motion in the air tank constantly impacts the metal inner surface of the air tank, so that the oil and water droplets adhere to the inner surface of the air tank and are separated. The separated oil and water impurities can be discharged through the blowdown valve at the bottom of the gas tank.

  3. Steady voltage. A certain amount of compressed gas is stored in the gas tank, which can effectively supplement the system fluctuation and start and stabilize the pressure. Not only that, when the power is cut off suddenly or the air compressor is shut down suddenly, the gas in the gas tank can ensure the normal shutdown order of production equipment and reduce the defective products.

  Performance of freeze dryer

  Compressed air is commonly used in spraying, pneumatic equipment, instrument control, chemical industry, food, medicine and other general factories. Because compressed air contains a lot of water, oil and dust particles, if not effectively removed, it will directly affect your product quality, production cost and economic benefits. The dust, oil and water in the compressed air can be removed by relying on the high-efficiency filter, but most of the water and gas, oil and gas must be reduced to a certain dew point temperature through the refrigerator, forming a liquid to be effectively removed. General purpose series freeze dryer has the following excellent performance:

  1. High inlet temperature

  Specially equipped with rear cooler and precooler, it can be directly connected with high temperature air inlet below 80 ℃.

  2. Strong freezing capacity

  Equipped with high performance and high horsepower refrigerant compressor, fully precooled and refrigerated; the air volume is more than 30% compared with similar products, and the dew point temperature is stable, which can make 99% water vapor form water mist and water drop.

  3. Excellent water removal

  The efficiency of super strong design double water separator is higher than 99%

  4. High quality

  It adopts world famous and excellent parts with good quality and long service life

  5. Intuitive display and easy to use

  No consumables, automatic drainage, low operation cost, reliable continuous operation.

  Precision filter

  Compressed air is the most commonly used basic power source in industry, its biggest characteristic is convenient, fast, safe and cheap. However, in the process of air compression, pollutants such as water, oil, solid particles, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are often contained in the system, and combined into corrosive acid sludge, which will damage your machinery and equipment, cause machine failure, affect your product quality, endanger the health of workers, reduce productivity and increase production costs.

  The air cleaner is made of advanced technology and first-class materials. It is the best choice for your air power purification system because of its outstanding performance and high efficiency!

  1. High capacity oil removal and dust removal function .It can filter up to 0.01 μ m and 0.001 ppmw / W minimum residual oil content

  2. Efficient water removal function

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