The function and method of cleaning air compressor head


  The air compressor has been used for a long time, and there will be oil scale, carbon deposit, sediment and rust inside. In addition, the air compressor with different brands of engine oil will also have black rubber similar to asphalt. Therefore, it is necessary to use cleaning agent regularly to clean the head, paint barrel, radiator and oil pipe. So as to eliminate potential safety hazards.


  First, run the air compressor for a few minutes, and the engine oil reaches the normal temperature; close the air compressor, wait for the internal pressure to drain out, open the oil filler cap, pour in the detergent, and tighten the oil filler cap; open the air compressor for 30 minutes; drain the old engine oil, and then add the new engine oil.

  After cleaning, the air compressor temperature shall be reduced by at least 10 ℃

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Update time:2020-03-17 04:02:23