Question 1: where is the check valve of screw air compressor? What is the role in the system? ★ answer: according to the function alone, there should be multiple check valves on the machine. The minimum pressure valve between the exhaust pipe of the main engine and the oil separator has a check function. The former is to prevent the oil from pouring back into the main engine after the machine stops, and the minimum pressure valve check function is to prevent the external pressure from pouring back into the machine.

  Question 2: what is the function of the oil cut-off solenoid valve? Is there a temporary air tank inside the main engine? Is the air inlet and exhaust valves disconnected at the same time? When the air inlet and exhaust valves are broken, how to repair them? ★ answer: the oil cut-off solenoid valve is to prevent the oil supply from being cut off after the machine stops. There is no air storage capacity in the main engine of the screw machine. The air inlet / exhaust can be assumed at both ends of the rotor, and the air inlet / exhaust valves are peripheral equipment of the main engine. The intake valve can only be adjusted, and the exhaust valve is only a check valve. If the function is not available, it must be replaced.

  Question 3: if the pressure difference of separator reaches above 0.6bar (limit 1bar) or the pressure difference starts to decline, the separator core shall be stopped and replaced, This separator refers to oil separator or water separator? ★ answer: when the pressure difference of separator exceeds 0.6bar, the oil separator core must be replaced. This is because the pressure after separation is taken as the fixed value when the machine is unloaded. When the pressure difference exceeds the above value, the pressure before separation will be higher than 0.6bar above the rated pressure, and the motor will be overloaded. All described here are oil gas separators rather than water separators.

  Question 4: what is the meaning of the pressure before separation? ★ answer: the pressure before separation is the pressure of the mixture of oil and gas after the main engine is compressed.

  Question 5: how to calibrate the safety valve on the oil separator of the screw air compressor and what is the calibration period? How to realize the automatic exhaust of the unit? What is the function of the minimum pressure valve? Are both the air inlet valve and the exhaust valve automatically controlled? ★ answer: 1) the safety valve shall be inspected by the local labor supervision department. 2) The minimum pressure valve is to keep the system pressure under the specified pressure and buffer the damage of the differential pressure to the oil separation element.

  Question 6: centrifugal air compressor impeller scaling, affect the dynamic balance, need to shut down to clean up the impeller, whether there is no shut-down, to ensure that the impeller less scaling, or shut down without dismantling the cooler to clean the impeller method? ★ answer: compressor impeller scaling and operation environment has a direct relationship, cleaning the impeller need to remove the cooler.

  Question 7: I have a machine. Now I need to switch on and off the machine and obtain alarm signals through remote control. Can the following operations realize my needs: 1. Use No.3 contact 4 and No.5 contact 6 on the intellisyscontroller for start and stop machines; 2. 32 and 33, 33 and 34 on the intellisyscontroller are switching values, and take one of them to obtain alarm signals; 3. Set the machine to remote / s at the same time. If it is not set to remote / s, whether it can achieve the same purpose. ★ answer: your point of view is quite correct. It is completed through the special remote control contact on the controller. However, if the remote / S is not activated as you mentioned, the implementation of the function is usually not guaranteed.

  Question 8: Hello, how to clean the oil circuit and how to repair and clean the engine head? ★ answer: the oil circuit can use a special cleaning agent (carbon deposit cleaning agent), and the general professional maintenance personnel of the engine can provide maintenance services.

  Question 9: now we have a set of equipment which is used to produce the optical joint, but the final process is to blow off the water on the surface with an air gun to achieve the function of air drying. We have equipped a domestic screw type air compressor, and a freeze dryer and three DH filters are used for post-treatment. We have checked many places and there are no problems, but the effect is still not up to standard. There is dust on the surface. The detection standard is to observe the surface with 200 times electron microscope, and there shall be no foreign matters. ★ A: the questions you talked about are very good, which are often ignored. In general, particle filter with precision filter can remove 0.01 μ m particles. However, due to the impact of high pressure on the surface of traditional steel pipes, impurities are constantly falling off. If there is a small amount of water in the pipeline, the steel pipe will also be eroded, so it's not surprising that there is micro dust in the pipeline. If we choose Ingersoll Rand super pipeline for reconstruction, these problems can be effectively solved.

  Question 10: I have a cold dryer. It has been used for 4 years. Recently, I found it doesn't work at all. There has been a lot of water in the air pipe. The air tank discharges water three times a day, but there is still a lot of water. Later, it was found that the cold dryer could not remove water at all, because there was little water coming out. Open the drain valve to release air, but there was no water. Open the automatic drain valve, there is no blockage except for some dirty things inside. The operation of the cold dryer is normal: the compressor works normally, the evaporation temperature is 4 degrees, and there is no temperature difference between the air inlet temperature and the exhaust temperature. ★ answer: according to the blowdown valve described by you, it can be inferred that the working condition of the cold dryer is not good. Check whether the air inlet temperature and flow of compressed air are within the range specified by the cold dryer. The refrigerant capacity of the dryer shall be tested by checking the operating current or detecting the evaporation / condensation pressure.

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