1. Before the installation of the air compressor control valve, the pipeline dirt, anti rust grease, welding slag, etc. shall be cleaned; after the installation of the filter, the valve shall be at the maximum opening, the pipeline and valve shall be cleaned and the tightness of each connection shall be tested, so as to avoid stagnation or damage to the valve core and valve seat during operation.

  2. It shall be installed near the ground or floor to facilitate maintenance; for valves equipped with valve positioner or handwheel mechanism, it shall be convenient for observation, adjustment and operation.

  3. During installation, the medium flow direction shall be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body.

  4. During installation, additional pressure shall be avoided to the control valve to avoid deformation and damage of the flange of the control valve due to the influence of temperature or self weight. When the control valve is installed in a long place of the pipeline, the support frame shall be installed, especially in the case of severe vibration, it must be supported or corresponding vibration avoidance measures shall be taken. During the installation of large-diameter regulating valve, the inclination shall be avoided to prevent the mechanical wear of valve internals and the leakage of packing. Special attention shall be paid to this.

  5. For the sake of safety, the pneumatic control valve should be equipped with bypass pipeline (important occasions), so that the production will not be stopped in case of failure or maintenance of the control valve.

  6. When equipped with a handwheel mechanism, the valve can be operated manually, and can also be used to limit the opening of the valve. When it is out of service, the handwheel mechanism must be returned to the neutral position to facilitate the normal operation of the automatic control system.

  7. For high temperature valves, the filling part should be filled with wetting oil every three months.

  8. The electric control valve installed outdoors shall be provided with appropriate protection measures to prevent exposure to the sun and rain. Before putting into operation, carefully check whether the wiring is correct and reliable, and whether the power supply voltage is normal.

  9. When the electric control valve is operated locally, the power shall be cut off or the operator shall be switched to the "manual" position. The operation can be realized by pulling out the hand wheel on the actuator. When the automatic operation is resumed, the hand wheel shall be pushed to the "automatic" position.

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