The compressed air produced by the air compressor is impure. This is because the air compressor itself contains lubricating oil, in the compression work, there must be part of the lubricating oil mixed into the compressed air. In addition, the natural air itself contains some solid particles and water. When this kind of gas without purification is directly used in the pneumatic circuit, it will bring some faults to the pneumatic circuit, damage the pneumatic components, reduce the service life of the components, reduce the production efficiency, and even cause accidents. Therefore, Shaanxi veltec compressor kindly reminds you: purification of these compressed gases to obtain pure compressed gas is an essential part of the air pressure system.

  When the air in the pipeline cools down, the compressed air dehydrator will start to produce condensation, and the liquid water will flow along the pipeline. Once flowing into the air drying filter / filter, a series of phenomena will occur.

  First, the condensation effect, the condenser or the first stage filter element (stainless steel mesh), causes water and air to change direction. This change causes the droplets to combine with each other and then gather in the coagulator. The droplets gradually increase in size, combined with other larger contaminants, and flow into the pool center area by gravity. Dirty water flows along the bottom and is discharged through an automatic drain valve in the sump; a large amount of water (estimated 95% of the water) is discharged through this process.

  The second filtration process passes through the second filter element cotton fiber mesh. Change the direction of the air flow in or near the cotton fiber rope and rotate the air flow. The cotton fiber rope is supported by stainless steel mesh, forming a vortex. At this time, the air is accelerated dozens of times, and the vortex center becomes a vacuum state just like a tornado.

  Therefore, the water drops that are not removed in the first filter of the air drying filter are gasified here, which has no adverse effect on the machine, and the tiny impure oil drops are also removed here

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Update time:2020-03-17 04:14:37