Variable frequency start - Soft start with smooth linear motion, no high current as traditional direct start or star-delta start can reduce the impact on the circuit and electrical, and greatly extend the magnetic contactor, motor and airend life time.

  High-efficiency operation - The frequency conversion system controls the operation of the air compressor, which can improve the motor power factor, power quality, greatly improve the system operation efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

  Load management - Only one VSD air compressor is required for the load management together with multiple traditional air compressors system to do the energy saving operation. It can improve the operating efficiency of the entire air compressor system and the economics of used equipment.

  The good strategy - Saving energy not only reduces costs, but also realizes low-carbon production, protects the environment, and enhances the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, saving energy is the good strategy for enterprises

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Update time:2020-03-23 11:59:52