1 、gas system

  The air system consists of the following components

  --Air inlet filter: filter the air entering the compressor to prevent sundries from entering the working chamber and improve the working life of the main engine.

  --Unloading valve: control the air input, and conduct full load and no-load operation according to the actual air consumption.

  --Main engine: an important part. It uses the high-speed rotation of a pair of meshing rotors to compress the air and oil mist inhaled and then discharge them.

  --One way valve: control the flow direction of exhaust gas to prevent backflow of gas oil mixture caused by too high pipe network pressure during shutdown.

  --Oil gas separator: the key part of oil injection screw compressor. It separates the compressed gas oil mixture. (centrifugal separation, gravity sinking, high efficiency filtration)

  --Minimum pressure valve: (1) prevent the gas pressure in the air tank from falling below 0.4MPa, and reduce oil consumption. (2) When connected with the air supply network, it acts as a one-way valve to prevent gas backflow.

  --Safety valve: when the discharge pressure of the compressor exceeds the set value, the valve is opened for venting to prevent the pressure vessel from bursting due to too high pressure.

  --Gas cooling: cool the compressed gas.

  --Water separator: use centrifugal force to separate the saturated gas passing through the cooler. It is equipped with automatic blowdown valve (to discharge the separated water automatically) and manual blowdown valve (to discharge the water in the separator after shutdown)

  2 、oil system

  The oil circuit system consists of the following components:

  --Oil gas separator: the lower part of this part acts as the oil tank, and the hot oil in the oil tank is sent to the working chamber of the main engine through the cooler, filter and oil cut-off valve under the gas pressure.

  --Oil cooler: it is used to cool and recycle the high temperature which absorbs a lot of heat after compression.

  --Oil filter: filter the impurities in the oil circuit to ensure the normal operation of the main engine.

  --Oil cut-off valve: when working, use the exhaust pressure to open the valve, so that the filtered oil can enter the working chamber, and automatically close when parking, to prevent the oil in the oil tank from flowing into the working chamber.

  --Thermostatic valve: 40 ~ 550c

  3 、gas volume control system

  The air volume control system consists of the following components:

  --Unloading valve: control the gas volume with full load (100%) or no load (0%).

  --Solenoid valve: according to the loading pressure and unloading pressure control unloading valve fully open or fully closed.

  --Pressure sensor: transmit the pressure signal in the pipe network to the computer controller.

  --Pressure controller: used with solenoid valve to control the action of unloading valve.

  4 、electrical system engineering

  The electrical system consists of the following components

  --Motor: drive compressor

  The difference between protection grade IP54 and IP23

  The first digit is dust-proof grade

  1 -- prevent foreign objects and dust from entering

  2 - prevent objects larger than 12mm from entering (such as finger size) The last digit is waterproof grade

  4 - prevent water from splashing into the motor in any direction

  3 - prevent water mist from entering the motor at an angle of 600 in the vertical direction

  --Motor starting device: Y - △ starting, reduce starting current generally starting current = I value x7y - △ starting current = I value X7 ÷ 3

  --Temperature sensor: the temperature signal of the measuring point is transmitted to the controller for control. Prevent compressor oil from deterioration due to too high exhaust temperature (usually t alarm = 1000C, t shutdown = 1100c)

  --Pressure sensor: transmit the pressure signal of the measuring point to the controller for loading and unloading control.

  Computer controller: different input parameters are controlled, such as alarm, stop, load, unload, etc.

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