Air compressor is one of the main mechanical power equipment in many enterprises. It is very necessary to keep the safe operation of air compressor. Strict implementation of the air compressor operating procedures will not only help to extend the service life of the air compressor, but also ensure the safety of the air compressor operators. Let's learn about the operating procedures of the air compressor.

  1、 Before the operation of air compressor, the following problems should be paid attention to:

  1. Keep the lubricating oil in the oil pool within the scale range, and check that the oil quantity in the oiler should not be lower than the scale line value before air compressor operation.

  2. Check whether the moving parts are flexible, whether the connecting parts are fastened, whether the lubrication system is normal, and whether the motor and electrical control equipment are safe and reliable.

  3. Before air compressor operation, check whether the protective device and safety accessories are in good condition and complete.

  4. Check whether the exhaust pipe is unblocked.

  5. Connect the water source and open each water inlet valve to make the cooling water unblocked.

  2、 During the operation of air compressor, it should be noted that before the first start-up after long-term shutdown, the turning gear must be checked to see if there is any impact, jamming or abnormal sound. Inlet pump

  3、 The machine must be started under no-load condition. After no-load operation is normal, gradually make the air compressor enter into load operation.

  4、 During the operation of air compressor, pay attention to the readings of various instruments and adjust them at any time after normal operation.

  5、 During the operation of air compressor, the following conditions shall also be checked:

  1. Check whether the motor temperature is normal and whether the readings of various meters are within the specified range.

  2. Whether the operation sound of all parts is normal.

  3. Check whether the suction valve cover is heated and whether the sound of the valve is normal.

  4. Whether various safety protection equipment of air compressor is reliable.

  6、 After the air compressor is operated for 2 hours, the oil and water in the oil-water separator, intercooler and aftercooler shall be discharged once, and the oil and water in the air storage barrel shall be discharged once per shift.

  7、 When the following conditions are found during the operation of air compressor, stop the machine immediately, find out the causes and eliminate them.

  1. Final break of lubricating oil or cooling water.

  2. A sudden rise or fall in water temperature.

  3. The exhaust pressure suddenly rises and the safety valve fails.

  4. The load suddenly exceeds the normal value.

  5. Abnormal mechanical sound.

  6. Motor or electrical equipment is abnormal.

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