General safety precautions

  1. Operation, repair and maintenance of air compressor must be carried out by qualified personnel.

  2. The air compressor cannot be reversed. After the initial start-up or maintenance of the electric control system, before the air compressor starts, it is necessary to confirm whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the specified rotation direction.

  3. When disassembling high-temperature components, it can only be carried out after the temperature is cooled to the ambient temperature.

  4. Special oil for screw air compressor is recommended. Different brands of lubricating oil are not allowed to be mixed.

  5. Without the permission of the manufacturer, do not make any changes or add any devices to the air compressor that affect the safety and reliability.

  6. [the air compressor equipment is specially designed and manufactured. It is recommended to use authentic spare parts to ensure the reliability and safety of its work.

  7. Never block the suction port of the machine during operation.

  8. Unless it is indicated that it can be used for breathing, compressed air is not allowed to be used for breathing.

  9. do not operate the air compressor under the condition of exceeding the specified pressure and temperature.

  10. Once the air compressor is found to work abnormally, it shall be stopped immediately and the abnormity shall be eliminated in time.

  11. Use correct tools for maintenance.

  12. After maintenance and before startup, confirm that all safety devices have been reinstalled and tools have been removed from the air compressor.


  1. Check the oil level, exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure every day to see if there is any abnormal sound;

  2. Before starting the machine every week, open the drain valve of the separator to drain the condensate, check whether there is leakage everywhere, check the safety valve and check the belt wear (visual inspection);

  3. Regularly check the air inlet control valve, minimum pressure valve, connecting wire terminal of electric control box, safety valve and cooling fan;

  4. Clean the cooler regularly and test the reliability of safety valve;

  5. Regularly replace the oil filter core, oil separator filter core, air inlet filter core and lubricating oil.

  Common troubleshooting

  1. The machine does not start: check the main switch and power line, and check the motor;

  2. The machine is not loaded after startup: adjust the setting value of the pressure switch or replace the pressure switch, check or replace the solenoid valve;

  3. The air compressor is not unloaded and the safety valve is discharged: adjust the setting value of the pressure switch or replace the pressure switch, check or replace the solenoid valve;

  4. Excessive oil consumption: use the recommended oil, lower the oil level to the normal position, remove the oil return pipeline for cleaning, and replace the filter element of the oil-gas separator;

  5. The exhaust pressure is lower than the specified value: reduce the air consumption or increase the air compressor, check the system leakage, clean or replace the air inlet filter core, replace the oil-gas separator filter element, check or replace the solenoid valve, repair the air inlet control valve, replace the belt, adjust the setting value of the pressure switch;

  6. High temperature protection shutdown of air compressor: improve environmental ventilation conditions, clean or clean the cooler, add oil to the specified position, and replace the oil filter;

  7. During unloading operation of the air compressor, the exhaust pressure is still rising slowly, and the safety valve is discharged: check or replace the solenoid valve, overhaul the air inlet control valve and overhaul the unloading pipeline;

  8. Relief of safety valve: maintenance or replacement of safety valve, maintenance of minimum pressure valve, replacement of oil-gas separator filter element, maintenance or replacement of pressure switch, inspection of air inlet control valve or solenoid valve

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