In order to ensure the service life of the air compressor and its normal and reliable operation, it is necessary to formulate a detailed air compressor maintenance plan, determine the corresponding personnel, and regularly maintain the air compressor. Shenzhen air compressor equipment network provides you with professional air compressor maintenance knowledge.

  Condensate discharge for air compressor maintenance

  The moisture in the air may condense in the oil-gas separation tank, especially in wet weather. When the exhaust temperature is lower than the pressure dew point of the air or when the air is shut down for cooling, more condensed water will be separated out. Too much water in the oil will cause the emulsification of lubricating oil and affect the safe operation of the machine, such as: poor lubrication of the main engine of the air compressor; poor oil-gas separation effect, large pressure difference of the oil-gas separator; corrosion of the parts.

  Therefore, according to the humidity situation, the condensate discharge schedule should be established for air compressor maintenance.

  How to change oil during maintenance of air compressor

  Under operation, the oil level of the air compressor shall be kept between the minimum and the maximum oil level, the separation effect will be affected by more oil, and the lubrication and cooling performance of the machine will be affected by less oil. In the oil change cycle, if the oil level is lower than the minimum oil level, the lubricating oil shall be supplemented in time. The maintenance method of the air compressor is as follows:

  ① After the internal pressure such as shutdown is released (confirm that there is no pressure in the system), pull down the main power switch.

  ② Open the oil filler on the oil-gas separation tank, and supplement proper amount of cooling lubricating oil.

  Air compressor maintenance cooler cleaning

  In order to remove the dust on the cooling surface of the air compressor equipment every 2000h, it is necessary to open the cover of the cooler purge hole on the fan bracket, and purge the cooler with the dust until the dust on the cooling surface is purged. If the surface of the air compressor is dirty and hard to be cleaned after maintenance, the cooler can be removed, the oil in the cooler can be poured out and the four inlets and outlets shall be closed to prevent the dirt from entering. Then, the dust on both sides shall be removed with compressed air or washed with water, and the water stains on the surface shall be dried at last. Replace it.

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