The operating personnel of piston air compressor must pay attention to the operation of the machine, carry out patrol inspection frequently, find out the fault and remove it in time. And make necessary adjustment according to the instrument indication and working requirements. In general, pay attention to the following problems:

  I. lubrication

  1. According to the pressure gauge on the oil pipe of the circulating lubrication system and the temperature indication of the main bearing and moving part of the air compressor, pay attention to the oil supply condition of the gear oil pump;

  2. Pay attention to the oil level of the air compressor crankcase;

  3. Pay attention to the oil level in the bearing lubricated by the oil ring and the normal rotation of the oil ring;

  4. Pay attention to the oil storage and dripping of the oiler;

  5. Pay attention to the temperature of lubricating oil in the lubricating system of each moving part.

  Two, cooling

  Pay attention to the discharge and temperature of cooling water at all levels.

  3、 Temperature and pressure indication

  1. It should be noted that the temperature of compressed air after each stage of compression should not exceed 160 ℃;

  2. It should be noted that the suction temperature of each stage after passing through the intercooler should not be higher than 10 ℃ than that of the first stage;

  3. Pay attention to whether the pressure distribution in each compression section is correct;

  4. Pay attention to check whether the temperature indication of each friction part of the compressor is normal.

  Four, motor

  It is necessary to observe whether the working condition of the motor is normal through the ammeter and voltmeter at any time.

  Five, others

  1. Pay attention to whether the connecting parts and fastening parts (screws, etc.) are safe and reliable and should not be loosened;

  2. Pay attention to the working condition of transmission mechanism and listen to whether there is abnormal sound;

  3. For the air compressor in the small air separation equipment, pay attention to timely discharge the oil and water in each section.

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Update time:2020-03-17 04:01:40